Friday, August 28, 2009

Greetings Earthlings!

The Frail~We have had a productive few days this past week. Drums have been put in place until the final mixing is ready. Some live bass has been layered onto the music in various spots to really get that low end push! Everything is sounding great, and we are all very very excited. Danny will be in the studio for the better part of next week recording vocals which we are all very anxious to finish and hear!

Song Writer/Producer Kev Durr has been in the lab brewing up even more musical potions that are going to end up on the October released EP as well as an LP planned for a near future release. Sneak peeks might be floating around if you keep your eyes and ears open.....Truly Amazing is only putting it lightly!

Peace, Love & Respect-

The Frail~

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