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So it has almost been a year since my first post on this blog.. I think I just might start getting this going again! A lot has happened in a year...I think this should catch you up

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

The Frail is Poised to Receive International Recognition With Their Second EP, "The Firefly." San Francisco Trio, "The Frail" prides itself on the unique nature of its inception.

Daniel Lannon and Kevin Durr started e-mailing each other about music, life and the pursuit of dreams. Before long they were e-mailing each other their original music, listening, critiquing, and sharing their mutual passion for music. They realized they had several common bonds, including their both being influenced by The Faint and Thom Yorke. It was if they had grown up in the same hometown, played in bands all through high school and college and now were on route to international stardom after years of trials and tribulations and hundreds of gigs at the local clubs. Not the case. In fact, The Frail is virtually brand new. Formed in early 2007, they became a team and have been working non-stop to make up for lost time.

The Frail creates sensual, vulnerable and provocative electronic pop music that has the potential to appeal to many generations. With vocalist Lannon's (former lead singer of The Faraday Effect) smooth, stylishly sincere, warm falsetto vocals, and co-writing, guitar and production efforts of Durr, this duo has the potential to be what the Eurythmics were to the eighties.

Their debut four song EP, "Count On This", on Tricycle Records, has been extremely well received since its release in May of 2007. The featured track "Count On This" has made it to the top of Live 105's sound check radio charts, and the tune went to 12 on 88.3 The Jam in the Philippines (charting higher than Avril Lavigne and Green Day). They also received the prestigious viewer’s choice award sponsored by Red Bull for Owl Magazine’s, Video Makes The Radio Star contest.

For the past year and a half, The Frail has been determined to spread their music to new audiences through the internet as well as through live performances. They have been a favorite at top San Francisco hubs like Bottom of the Hill, The Independent, 330 Ritch, The Rickshaw Stop, Club Vessel and 1015 Folsom. They are all about big shows and big audiences. Mixing programmed samples and visuals with the band’s live on-stage performance, they are able to play the intricately produced and layered recordings on stage and feel they are not leaving anything out.

Lannon and Durr had been looking for the right players since they began. The additional band members, from France, Sebastien Poux, drums and samples, San Jose’s Waide Hicks, bass and synth, and Denver’s Kevin Moxcey, guitars and synth, are all part of another popular local band, "Good Luck At the Gun Fight." They were asked to join The Frail for a few shows and were part of The Frail's live line up for quite some time. With that all new synergy in place, the band had been, and still continues selling out shows regularly. Original member Durr landed in San Francisco via Seattle leaving Lannon as the only member born and raised in San Francisco.

Now with the band's newest line up consisting of Daniel Lannon, Kevin Durr, and Jason Merritt on drums, they are going to take this music to the highest level possible. Starting with an upcoming nationwide, month long tour in mid July, and continuing non-stop from there.

They have had the great honor of sharing the stage with international bands such as Justice, Goldfrapp, Hot Chip, The DoDo's, The Foals, Sugarcult, Scissors For Lefty, Hollywood Undead, The Teenagers, and TV On The Radio. They are also inviting re-mixers such as After Midnight and The Toxic Avenger to begin interpreting their songs from their EP release, "The Firefly."

Lannon exclaims, “It is really important for Kevin and me to keep writing, producing and releasing as we go, and getting the new music out there as we conceive it. We decided we don’t want to wait until we have twelve completed new songs before we release a new body of work. As soon as we are both satisfied with the composing, the structure, and the production of say four or five of our new songs, we want the world to hear them. At this crucial time of our partnership, we don’t see the value in waiting and saving them…and besides, our fans are contacting us 24/7 wanting to hear new music. We are keeping up the demand for them! It’s beyond exciting to know that people are getting our music, enjoying it and at the same time telling us…WE want more FRAIL! And WE want it NOW!”

Currently, the band’s manager, Joe Scrocca is having serious discussions with several very interested record labels that have been watching the band, and that are eager to hear "The Firefly." There are also plans for The Frail to be performing in 2009's Sundance Film Festival.

For more information about The Frail, or to receive a press kit, please call Joe Scrocca, Jr. at(609) 425-7785, or visit Scrocca Entertainment Group’s website at www.scroccaent.com

"Multifaceted while still remaining balanced with the touches of nasally falsetto vocals, monotone melodies, and edgy beats." -Plug In

"The Count On This EP, is full of big electronic beats mixed with indie rock sensibilities, tipping their caps to HOT CHIP at times, then to DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE at others." Future Sounds

"Hypnotic synths, breathy and falsetto vocals, crisp drums and pulsating bass pierced through the fog to create both a wistful soundscape like that of The Postal Service, and a heavier, more volatile design like that of The Faint." -Performer Magazine

"The Frail has already become an addiction for me." Elise Nordling / SOMA FM"I can imagine this music having a wider appeal." -The Beat Surrender

The Frail's Demo EP "Count on This" was released on May 25th and is now available through the Tricycle catalog.

Contact The Frail for booking and similar inquiries: thefrailsf@gmail.com

Management: joe.benchmark@comcast.net