Friday, August 28, 2009

Greetings Earthlings!

The Frail~We have had a productive few days this past week. Drums have been put in place until the final mixing is ready. Some live bass has been layered onto the music in various spots to really get that low end push! Everything is sounding great, and we are all very very excited. Danny will be in the studio for the better part of next week recording vocals which we are all very anxious to finish and hear!

Song Writer/Producer Kev Durr has been in the lab brewing up even more musical potions that are going to end up on the October released EP as well as an LP planned for a near future release. Sneak peeks might be floating around if you keep your eyes and ears open.....Truly Amazing is only putting it lightly!

Peace, Love & Respect-

The Frail~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's Brewing in the Lab?

The Frail is emerging again with new ideas and an even brighter future ahead. Bands fall off the face of the earth for numerous reasons, and many can't swing the overwhelming flow it takes to construct and maintain the music scenes interest. The Frail is bringing a new hope to the pop music scene, blending both electronic and organic elements into one package. A new concept album is in the wood work with new members and ideas being brought to an already outstanding project.

The Frail has been working long hours and even longer days in a cozy San Francisco Studio called Bay Area Tone. Engineer Andy Freeman and Drummer Tim Sams spent this past week tracking live drums over the new material, an idea not yet done with the band. Tim said: "We are going for a more soulful approach by adding an organic feel to the music." A new EP has been planned for a late October 09' Release followed by a full length album released by summer 2010.

Singer Danny Lannon and Engineer/Producer/ Bassist Daniel Sams will be in the studio all month working on vocals and laying out how the new songs will come together during their final moments. The idea is to give people a whole new experience while capturing what it is that makes The Frail.....well......The Frail.

More to come as we speak to the band about whats coming up and how to prepare your minds for the explosion that is about to happen........

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